About Tiffany

The leader of the Made Up World

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Deeply rooted in Philadelphia with her partner and dog, Joseph and Wally, Tiffany spends her time constantly switching up her space, touring breweries, and making things into magnets. Like everything, she has a lot of magnets.

Creator by nature, advertiser by trade, and designer lover at heart.

Loft living at its finest, some of her favorite parts of her home are repurposed items she gave a different life, from a tire turned dog bed, to an over sized pallet turned wall display. Utilizing what she has and what she finds to create something new and fresh.

Style inspiration comes from all angles.

Heavily influenced by beer culture, vintage vibes, and independent artists.

Also plants, and shelves, and plants on shelves. (well plants everywhere, really.)

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Tiffany Weitzmann