Loving + Linking

I once heard a friend say, “I have shopping carts all over the internet,” and isn’t that true for most of us?

I’m linking some of my favorite finds below to add to those carts and upgrade your space.

I’ll start with linking the grid wall piece I have scattered in my photos. I’ve been seeking one of these out for a year or more now + jumped on this find and couldn’t be happier.

Shouting out my love to independent artists

They add that fine tuning to my art collection, like this awesome little piece I picked up while traveling to New Orleans from local artist Typfy

2018-03-20 01.47.26 1.jpg

Of course Philadelphia has no shortage of it’s own talent,

A couple favorites adorn my walls, like this piece from Nero, and below that an artist and poet whose alias is Bursera Grave

2018-03-20 02.16.12 1.jpg

2018-03-20 02.16.11 1.jpg

Finding gems in unexpected (and hella cheap) places… like Five and Below

2018-03-20 01.47.25 2.jpg

This blanket is a beauty layered against my yellow chair.

and this rug, which isn’t listed on their site but is in stores for while in abundance, here’s something similar + adorable (puppy not included)

2018-03-13 03.26.14 1.jpg


This deserves an honorable mention because I’m JUMPING for joy for Shiner’s summer seasonal release. I can’t get enough of this stuff, so much so that we have a piece of one of (many) last year’s boxes framed on my gallery wall. Achieve this look by cutting out cool designed beer boxes/six pack cases and framing them, super easy, or you could do yourself a favor and try this beer (or don’t, more for me)

2018-03-20 01.47.25 1.jpg


Follow along with this series for the sake of feeding those carts.

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