Home Details

I’m a very detailed oriented person. I love the overall look + feel of a space, but a real driver is how the details live on their own, and connect to the broader feel of everything.

I’m big on nic-nacs, so details make up most of the overall feel of my home.

Here are some of the favorite close up details of my world.

2018-03-08 11.38.29 2.jpg2018-03-08 11.15.41 1 (1).jpg2018-03-08 11.56.09 1-01.jpeg2018-03-08 11.38.33 1.jpg2018-03-08 11.55.09 1.jpg2018-03-08 11.15.24 1-01 (2).jpeg2018-03-08 11.38.30 2.jpg2018-03-08 11.57.11 1.jpg

I’m always finding + adding new textures to my home. Keep following along for more details, Links to my current favorite items (that aren’t thrifted or found) and DIYs for things I’ve repurposed around my home! (Like this suitcase end table + wall pallet!)

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